Swanley Momentum Be Part of a New Kind of Politics

Swanley Momentum

Momentum is national, Labour Party focused organisation that aims to be a bridge between the Labour Party and local communities. It was set up by people who had been actively involved in the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. It is committed to the principles and policies  which won Jeremy Corbyn such a huge vote from the Labour Party membership. The aims of Momenutm include:

  • Organise in every town, city and village to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party at every level, and to create a mass movement for real transformative change to:

    • Redistribute wealth & power from the few to the many
    • Put people &  planet before profit and narrow corporate interests
    • End discrimination, advantage & privilege based on class
    • Target growth not austerity, invest to create tomorrow’s jobs
    • Reverse privatisation of railways, the energy sector & public services
    • Provide protection at work
    • Strong Trade Unions to stamp out workplace injustice
    • Ensure decent homes for all in public & private sectors
    • Big house­building programme & rent controls
    • Support workers & their trade unions
    • End all discrimination
  • Transform Labour into a more open, member-­led party, with socialist policies
  • Collective will to implement them in government.
  • Bring together individuals & groups in our workplaces & communities
  • Campaign & organise on the issues that matter to us.

To find out more about Momentum National Organisation please click this link: Momentum

Swanley Momentum was one of the first local Momentum branches established. We have been involved in many local & national campaigns. These include:

  • Rise: Mobile Video Project: Young People Speak Out.
  • Democracy SOS.
  • Leafleting in the Town Centre & knocking on doors.
  • Maidstone Against the Cuts Demonstration
  • Canvessing for the Oldham By-Election
  • Don’t Bomb Syria Campaign
  • Supporting the Junior Doctors Strike
  • Scrap Trident

Momentum NHS  focuses on defending our NHS. You can contact them here: Momentum NHS

Most Momentum supporters are Labour Party members, but you do not have to be a Labour Party member or a registered supporter to join and attend meetings and take a full part in our activities.

We meet on the third  Tuesday of every month, 7.00pm at:

The Corner House,
London Road, Swanley, Kent BR8 7QD
(Opposite the Bull Beef Eater Inn)

Map of The Corner House and surrounding area
We are here!

Come and join us.

To find out more about Swanley Momentum please email us at: swanleymomentum@outlook.com

Jeremy Corbyn opposed Iraq war

One thought on “Swanley Momentum

  1. we need to look after people here in swanley socia needs a and keep jobs and to treat them fairey


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