Swanley & District Labour Party

The Tory Government policies of cuts, cuts and cuts are devastating our communities and destroying the lives of the young, disabled, and most vulnerable. Swanley District Labour Party is actively campaigning on local and national issues to defend people from the Tory onslaught. We are fighting for a fair and just society for all, where everyone can enjoy a decent standard of living, essential resources and have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents.

We are also keenly aware that our environment is under threat. Air pollution in Swanley alone is estimated to kill 65 people a year. Fracking, climate change and the pollution of land, air and seas is a major threat to our quality of life and our children’s futures. Labour is committed to following environment friendly policies.

Swanley Labour campaigns vigourosly on local issues. The latest threat to our community comes from the Tory Council drive to build on our local recreation ground. Swanley District Labour Party has launched a campaign: “Save Our Rec!” The first step is to get signatures for a petition. We have put one online that all visitors to this site are encouraged to sign.

Save our Rec Petition.

We must oppose the Tory council plans to sell off  public land in their bid to gentrify Swanley and push out the local residents.

The residents of Swanley are facing the same attacks that communities across Britain are facing. On our own we have no power, no influence, but together we become a mighty force that cannot be defeated. Join us in the fight for a fair and just society.