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Save Our Rec!

Swanley Rec Under Threat!

Plans are being made to build a sports centre on Swanley Recreation Ground. Sevenoaks District Council are planning a ‘land swap’ with Swanley Town Council for the White Oak site. The land for the Recreation Ground was given to the people of Swanley by the Hart Dyke family on the condition we “looked after the ground for the benefit of the people of Swanley…”

We want to keep this green lung in the town centre and stop car parks and buildings destroying the site. This is an issue Labour has stood firm on since the creation of the Recreation Ground, held in Trust by successive town councils since before the Second World War, was first suggested in 1982 (see Sentinel No 18). We can’t imagine Sevenoaks Councillors allowing a huge building to be suddenly built in the middle of the Vine cricket ground in their town!

There are problems with air quality all around Swanley – we need to keep our green open spaces – after all, air pollution is one of the biggest threats to our health today. It has been reported that, “some 50 people a year are thought to die early in the district because of poor air quality. This is more than die in road crashes.”

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