Junior Doctors Strike

The Truth About The Junior Doctors’ Strike

  • The Tory Government is threatening the future of the NHS.
  • They want to remove safety measures that stop junior doctors from working excessive hours.
  • They want to force through a contract on junior doctors which threaten the quality of the care patients receive.

Junior doctors do not want to strike, but the Tory Government has left them with no alternative. This dispute is the first time in forty years that junior doctors have staged a walkout.

In February, junior doctors were told that a new contract of employment would be forced upon them from August 2016. The Tory Government has said it is not prepared to negotiate any more, despite the British Medical Association putting a fully-costed proposal on the table.

The vast majority of junior doctors who are trained within the NHS stay within the NHS, the decision by the Tory Government to impose a contract means they are left with no choice.

Junior doctors do not want to strike but the Tory Government is trying to force them to work under a contract that is unfair and damaging to both doctors and patients in their care. Strike action is continuing because the Tory Government is failing to listen.

Junior doctors feel ignored, undervalued and demoralised by this Tory Government’s attitude. Many junior doctors are already at breaking point. Many are even considering leaving the medical profession altogether. A survey of over 4,000 young medics published in the Guardian last year found 70% of medics would leave if the contract was imposed.

On the day that the health secretary announced the contract imposition, nearly 300 junior doctors applied to work overseas-almost 10 times as many as the day before.

The new contract the Tory Government is trying to impose will not only hit today’s junior doctors but the next generation too. The Tory Government knows how many medical students are planning to leave-without them the NHS will not survive. Junior doctors are fighting to save the NHS. Their fight, is our fight! We must act together to save our NHS.