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The NHS is Labour’s greatest achievement. The overwhelming majority of people cherish the NHS and recognise it as one of our country’s greatest achievements. Despite their election promises in the last two elections the Tories have been systematically privatising the NHS. This explosive documentary made by Doctors working in the NHS exposes how far privatisation has already gone:

Jim, a member of Swanley & District Labour Party has written a moving article on the NHS that you can read below:


Save Our NHS badgeThe NHS in 2016 is a mere shadow of the system set up in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, under a reforming Labour Government of 1945, under the leadership of Clement Attlee.   We have today, in 2016, eye tests to pay for, dentistry to pay for together with hearing and prescription charges.  This is a complete disgrace! All of the above should be free of charge at the point of use.  The original saying for the NHS was ‘We will look after you from the cradle to the grave’, this seems to have lost all meaning nowadays. People can be heard talking about the ‘free NHS system’, this is a total misconception, the NHS belongs to the people and is paid for by the people who pay their national insurance contributions on a weekly/monthly basis.  The next Labour Government need to renationalise the entire NHS, reversing the NHS Trust Bill and bring the entire system back under a common umbrella, no more Chief Executives with high salaries, expense accounts & company cars.

There are stories in the press of a £10 surcharge to see a GP. It is absolutely beyond belief that this would ever be considered. People are unable to get an appointment with their GP for up to 2 weeks, this is a national disgrace and consequently overrunning hard worked Accident and Emergency Departments.  In 1990, the first NHS Trusts were introduced by a near sighted and narrow minded Tory Government.  I believe this was the start of the wholesale privatisation of the NHS. This needs to be reversed in my opinion, with immediate effect and we need an NHS which is completely publically run and publically accountable, an NHS system run ‘by the people, for the people’ and not shareholders and CEOs of companies that run cleaning and ambulance services within the NHS.  We presently have a situation where the current Government is steam rolling junior doctors into new contracts rather than through negotiation. We need to support our hard working doctors, nurses, porters’ cleaners: these people work in a hard environment, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I believe that the money is available to regenerate the NHS back into the world class system that it should be without increasing the National Insurance Contribution.  One way of doing this would be to stop Camelot running the National Lottery and have it run by the Government, redirecting 50% of all profits back into the NHS. Research has shown the NHS could save millions of pounds a year by having a central purchasing system. The system at present is that each NHS Trust has to purchase its  own consumables i.e., drugs bandages syringes from supplies; under a central system the buying power could increase tenfold to bring down the cost.  We are in the days of mass communication, I am sure this would not be too difficult to set up. We must cut through all the red tape.

We need a new patients charter, whereby a person, from the date of referral by their GP to a hospital to be seen, diagnosed and treated is within a maximum of 12 weeks.

Poster to defend the NHS

There are reports of some ambulances dispatched after people called the NHS 111 helpline were deliberately delayed under a secret policy authorised by a senior health service executive, proving the private public partnership does not work to the benefit of the people.

Let’s take the case of Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust, which was the first to be franchised to a private sector operator. This company was called CIRCLE, this process was initiated before the 2010 election, but in January 2015 CIRCLE announced that it intended to hand management of Hinchingbrooke back to the NHS following financial pressures and a critical CQC inspection, in part because the significant financial challenges facing the NHS that make franchise arrangements less attractive to private NHS providers. This just goes to prove that having private company’s running our NHS for profit just does not work. Our NHS should not be run for profit.

Our next LABOUR government must remember


Photo of Westminster Rally Demonstration to save our NHS
‘The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.’ Aneurin Bevan.