Swanley Momentum's first Hero Richard Burgon MP

Swanley Momentum Heroes

Over the past year our group have been discovering more and more people whose opinion we like and whose conduct we respect, and often at meetings we have said ‘have you heard of so and so…’. To formalise this we have decided at each meeting to encourage a member to introduce somebody who is positively exemplifying core Momentum values, but not just to the group. We will be naming a Swanley Momentum Hero of the Month, and running a feature on our area within the Swanley Labour Party website. On Twitter and Facebook we will link to the page and feature an image connected with our hero, emblazoned with an imprint reading ‘Approved by Swanley Momentum’. We hope others will Like and Share these posts to further spread the word about the excellent work and amazing characters to be found among our supporters. Continue reading Swanley Momentum Heroes