Swanley Momentum at Jeremy Corbyn for Leader rally at Highbury Islington August 15th 2016

Swanley Momentum Year 1

This time last year I’d got over my truculence in saying I would not vote in the General Election, I voted for Labour for the first time since the mid 90s (yes, I never voted for Blair or Brown) and had then decided I’d probably never vote again. Blissfully unaware at the start of the leadership campaign, I started reading the tweets by Owen Jones … Continue reading Swanley Momentum Year 1

Grass Roots Alliance Left Slate with names

National Executive Committee 2016 Elections

Swanley District Labour Party & Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party voted overwhelming to support The Centre Left Grassroots candidates for the 2016 National Executive Elections. We are encouraging our members to read what they stand for and vote for them. All candidates are strong supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, and it is more vital than ever that the leader of the Labour Party is given full support. Continue reading National Executive Committee 2016 Elections

Banners, Brass Bands marching in Durham Miners' Gala

Jeremy Corbyn Speaking at Durham Miners Gala

The 132nd Durham Miners’ Gala was held on Saturday 9th July 2016.

The Gala is not like a normal trade union march. In fact, it has no start time, no finish time and no one place of assembly.

Traditionally, the colliery bands march though their villages starting early in the morning and the make their way to Durham from all directions and, in the main, that tradition remains today. Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn Speaking at Durham Miners Gala

Rhea Wolfson holding placard: Vote Labour

Momentum can open democratic participation

Throughout my NEC campaign I have had the great privilege of speaking at Momentum meetings across England. From Southampton to Liverpool I have been so inspired by the inclusive and democratic local groups that have sprung up in such a short space of time. Continue reading Momentum can open democratic participation