Poster for I love unions and I love Labour

Swanley & District Labour Party has been very active. We meet every first Sunday of the month at 10.30am at the Corner House, London Road, BR8 7QD. Our recent campaigns have included:

  • Publishing and delivering the Sentinel, a local newletter for the residents.
  • We have been very active on Missing Millions Campaign. Trying to ensure that people do not loose their right to vote under new Tory legislation on voter registration.
  • We have been very successful with our Streetlights campaign. Many local residents signed the Labour petition to turn our street lights back on at night – a basic community safety measure. We are pleased to announce that Kent County Council have now agreed to do so, with new environmentally-friendly LED lights. It will take some time to roll these out across the county but it showed that our protest did work!
  • Our Labour Councillors Mike Hogg has been working very hard in to improve the parking conditions in the Swanley Railway Station and surrounding area. Labour organised a petition about car parking in th Hart Dyke Road / St Mary’s Road area. It  has been signed by the overwhelming majority of residents contacted on our door-to-door visits. The majority would like to see part-time parking restrictions to deter commuter parking and we are now calling for the District Council to conduct an official survey to establish what would be best for all residents. Cllr Hogg said: “I would like to thank all residents that took the time to speak to us about this issue which is causing disturbance”.
  • Swanley & District Labour Party has passed a motion giving full support to Junior Doctors & other health workers in their fight to defend our NHS and working conditions. Swanley and District Labour Party members have attended Junior Doctors’ Picket lines on their strike days and will continue to give their full support to the Junior Doctors.
  • The latest threat to our community comes from the Tory Council drive to build on our local recreation ground. Swanley District Labour Party has launched a campaign: “Save Our Rec!” The first step is to get signatures for a petition.

The more members we get the more we can campaign on the local and national issues that are impacting on the lives of people in Swanley. Every new member makes us stronger. Join us and become part of a campaigning Labour Party.