Outside Shot of Swanley Town Council Building

The New Swanley Town CEO

This is a follow up to a publication the Swanley District Labour Party put to our Local Town Council on 17th November 2020 listing a few suggestions for selecting our new Town CEO. Having interviewed numerous candidates for prestige positions over many years as an Account Director for a PLC company I can confidently state that the suggestions below are a base line for a competent organisation to consider.

This scenario is a SERIOUS endeavour to select a mature minded candidate with experience and depth which we can ALL feel comfortable with. We are fully aware that members of the Town Council  read our articles.

We suggested they undertook the following:

  • Compile an effective Job description that would attract the right candidates from other Districts.
    DID THEY      YES/NO
  • (Spread the net)  Don’t rely on questions that only Swanley or Local candidates  can effectively answer . This is a common error of the inexperienced Job Description compilers.
    DID THEY      YES/NO   
  • CHECK the CVs :  Make sure you exercise due diligence in regards to Fact Checking the CV.s.  Look for embellishments. Is a previous position really  suitable for the demands of an CEO or an ambitious construction to make it appear so?
    DID THEY      YES/NO
  • There is an absolute necessity to ensure the candidate has a consistent work record. Look for jobs held over the last four or five years. If it  is just the one position then fine . If there are signs of ‘ Coming and going ‘  then throw the CV in the bin .
    DID THEY      YES/NO
  • Remember that no candidate in an interview is going to tell you he or she is useless , they may be really good at interviews by having excellent experience of them ( not a good quality ) and can ‘Own the Room’.  At your level you should have the experience and perspicacity to see “what is and what isn’t .”  
    DID THEY      YES/NO
  • Don’t be fooled. There is an expression: “ There are none so blind as those that will not see'”  There is real wisdom behind this saying. 
  • Advertise again if only one or two candidates come forward. Remember the Town has a moral duty to actively seek candidates from all genders and BAME. No exclusions should be made.
    DID THEY      YES/NO
  • Lastly, please don’t miss this opportunity and blind yourselves to realities. The Town is waiting for you to put in the effort to select a first class CEO .
    DID THEY      YES/NO  

Well, did they? We shall be answering these questions publicly after the Town Council declare who they have chosen for OUR  next CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, and NOT just THEIRS.

David Griffiths
Chair (Swanley District Labour Party)

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