Evangelicals & Covid Contracts

The Citizens@allthecitizens have tweeted a thread about PPE contracts awarded to firms linked to a religious sect with a church hall in Swanley. You can read the thread here: https://twitter.com/allthecitizens/status/1329069371709222913 If you do not have access to Twitter some of the key tweets and a link to an article are below:

Have you heard of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC)? The Brethren is an evangelical Christian group that seems to have links to 21 UK companies that have won at least 49 Covid-related contracts since March, worth as much as £1.1 billion.

CMT Equipment Ltd., a construction supply company in Lincoln & in Belvedere, have been awarded 5 individual/group PPE contracts for as much as £3.2 million.

One of CMT Equipment’s three directors is Anthony Hazell. He’s also a director of Unispace – listed on companies house. Unispace have won 7 Covid contracts worth some £680 million.

Anthony Hazell is the Chair of the Manor Gospel Trust, whose Stated Objectives are: “the advancement of the christian religion… known as the “Plymouth Brethren Christian Church”. Their address is The Brethrens Meeting Hall in Swanley.

Among the Trustees of The Manor Gospel Trust is Garth Woodcock. He’s also director at Orcagel – a company that won a Covid contract for £416,000 from Leeds Council.

More information about the links to this religious sect, the Conservative Party and Government covid contracts can be found here:

Up to £1.1 Billion in Government PPE Contracts Awarded to FirmsLinked to Religious Sect

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