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Green Belt Destruction

Green Belt Destruction between Swanley & Hextable Approved

The open fields between Swanley and Hextable are to developed as a housing estate. Detailed plans for this major development were fully supported by Hextable Parish Council even though the 35 new houses will encroach on Green Belt fields attached to Egerton Nursery.  

The green wedge between Swanley and Hextable has, up until now, always been considered a valued buffer to maintain the separate identity of the two communities.  Once part of it has been recommended for development, due to “special circumstances,” then there is little chance that the remaining open spaces can be defended from developers.

The planning officers at Sevenoaks District Council recommended that the development be refused as it intrudes into the green belt. Yet their judgement was overruled by Conservative and Independent Councillors. The councillors decision is very controversial, and goes against the councils own published guidance. Hence the matter must be referred to The Secretary of State for Housing and Local Government. If you wish to comment on this matter you should contact the Secretary of State: robert.jenrick.mp@parliament.uk

Sevenoaks District Planning refence SE/ 00992/Full
Egerton Avenue Nursery Site. 

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