Picture of Johnson in the pocket of billionaires

The Goon Squad

With an 80 seat majority in the House of Commons – this Tory Government should have been able to cope with this pandemic in much more efficient and less chaotic way. The landslide election win for Johnson in December 2019 did not give a him mandate to abandon the people. Tory incompetence has led to the deaths of more than 50,000 people.

Johnson’s narcissistic bungling has cost lives to the degree that we will have one of the, if not the highest death toll in the Europe.  The election win did not give him or his aide the right to leave so many of the elderly to die in care homes, as if it was felt that we would just lose a few old age pensioners.

Tobias Ellwood MP on Good Morning Britain yesterday described Dominic Cummings as an impressive political tactician.  Ellwood said that Dominic Cummings: “masterminded Brexit, the General Election –he is instructed to make sure the manifesto is put into place – and now he’s running Covid -19”

Will someone tell me why  one man has all of this input? Most of it contentious, which is why he is dispensable.

Lack of effective decisive leadership has cost lives and thrown many more into economic hardship. I for one am making my own decisions about how to stay safe. We are in unprecedented times and people are scared and anxious about the future. We deserve so much better than this inept bunch of goons  in control.

By Jacqueline Griffiths
Labour Party
Town & District Councillor
St Mary’s Ward

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