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The last few months have been tragic and unsettling with many families’ worlds turned upside down.

Millions of workers have had to negotiate with their employers through the pandemic – matters of life and death like safe working practices and PPE as well as issues like redundancy, furlough, homeworking and childcare. These are challenging conversations to have, and that’s why it’s there has never been a more important time to join a union – we’ve written a blog about it here.

Unions speak with one voice to employers to give working people strength. Why navigate these difficult workplace issues on your own, when you can join with your colleagues and do it together?

Ten years of Tory rule has meant stagnating wages, vast gaps in the social safety net and millions of workers living from pay cheque to pay cheque – this outbreak hit us when millions were already suffering. Our trade unions can help us through tough times like these and help us build a better future. Are you a member of a trade union?

Our next online event, A New Deal for Local Government Workers will take place next Thursday May 28 at 6PM. We’ll be hosting a conversation about why local government pay is a real acid test of whether the government value our #keyworkerheroes and how you can get involved in this vital cross-union campaign.

Working people are the backbone of this country and this crisis has shown that far too many of them have been chronically underpaid and undervalued for far too long. Together we can change this.

In solidarity,


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