Sentinel, Labour Party logo for July 2019

July 2019 Sentinel

One of the first things our new branch secretary Charlie Zahra did was to hold good to his commitment to ensuring Swanley & District Labour Party produced its highly valued local newsletter, the Sentinel. Labour Party members and supporters found canvassing in the local elections that the printed editions of the Sentinel were much missed. While our website, Facebook page and Twitter account was recognised as playing an important role in communicating with residents we were all told time and time again that we needed to continue a printed edition of the Sentinel, particularly for those who have no access to digital formats. We are urging members and supporters to help distribute the new July 2019 edition.

Members, supporters and residents interested in finding out about Swanley & District Labour Party should try and attend our next branch meeting on Monday 8th July, at 7.45pm at The Corner House, London Road, Swanly, BR8 7QD (Opposite the Bull Beef Eater Inn). One of the key issues we will be covering is organising distribution of the Sentinel.

Residents who cannot, or do not want to join the party, or come to local meetings can still get involved in writing for and distributing the Sentinel. If you have something to say about what is happening in Swanley we want to hear from you. We are also inviting local businesses, community organisations and clubs to write about what they do, or simply advertise in the next issues. You can get in touch via email:

Or write to:

Swanley & District Labour Party, The Corner House, London Road, Swanly, BR8 7QD

You can still access the latest Sentinel online by clicking the link below. You can also print off copies and help distribute them. Please let us know of any roads you cover.

Sentinel July 2019

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