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A Prime Minister for Peace

We are delighted to announce some of the discussions that will be taking place at Arise – a Festival of Labour’s Left Ideas (tickets here), including in our anti-austerity; equality and liberation; and international solidarity ‘hubs,’ all of which seem all the more important with the Tories and Bo Jo cosying up to the repellent and reactionary Trump.

Sessions will include:
•    Taking back control for the many – 21st century public ownership and shaping a new economy
•    A Socialist approach to Disability. hosted by Disability Labour
•    Socialist Solutions to Climate Chaos – for a Green Industrial Revolution
•    Public services for people not profit – why we need to kick the private sector out
•    Beyond parliamentary politics – why movements will be key to a Corbyn victory
•    Building workers’ rights and power – transforming the workplace
•    Socialists, social media and winning #JC4PM
•    Universalism works – stopping the cuts and rebuilding social security
•    Hope vs. the extreme right in Latin America – social progress or reaction?
•    Don’t let the racists divide us – Unite against the far-right and rise in racism
•    Trump and the Global Nuclear Threat
•    Justice for Palestine – a key part of an ethical foreign policy
•    LGSM: Unfinished Business, the Miners’ Strike and the fight for justice
•    Homes for all – why the market can’t solve the housing crisis
•    Grenfell two years on – the fight for justice continues
•    Investing in equality – end the Tory assault on women
•    A Prime Minister for Peace – Why we need a Corbyn Anti-war government

For your information a wide-range of campaigns, publications and organisations are participating in and supporting the festival including: Labour Assembly Against Austerity, Momentum, London Young Labour, Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America, Disability Labour, Labour CND, Labour Against Racism & Fascism, Brazil Solidarity Initiative, Justice Mexico Now, Stand up to Trump, Stand up to Racism, Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Labour & Palestine, The Morning Star, LGSM, We Own It and more.

Get your ticket today here and check out the list of speakers below!


The Labour Assembly Against Austerity Team. 

Arise 2019 – A Festival of Labour’s Left Ideas

– June 21 & 22, Central London venues

Early-bird tickets going fast – get yours today here.

A weekend of people-powered politics, internationalism & solidarity with:

John McDonnell MP // Diane Abbott MP // Richard Leonard MSP // Richard Burgon MP // Jon Trickett MP // Cat Smith MP // Dan Carden MP // Laura Pidcock MP // Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP // Emma Dent Coad MP // Karen Lee MP // Laura Smith MP // Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham // Maya Goodfellow, writer // Liam Young, author, Rise: How Jeremy Corbyn Inspired the Young to Create a New Socialism // Liz Davies , former Labour NEC member & author Through the Looking Glass: A Dissenter Inside New Labour // Lara McNeil, Labour NEC Youth Rep // Steve Turner, Unite the Union & People’s Assembly Against Austerity // Rachel O’Brien, Chair, London Young Labour // Sian Errington, Labour Assembly Against Austerity // Cllr Claudia Webbe, Labour NEC & Campaign for Labour Party Democracy // Cllr Emine Ibrahim, Momentum Vice-Chair // Nav Mishra, Labour NEC // Cllr Alice Perry, Labour NEC local government rep // Cllr Seema Chandwani, Labour CAC member // Matt Willgress, Arise // Rebecca Boumelha, Momentum NCG // Artin Giles, Labour Campaign Against Racism and Fascism // Sabby Dhalu, Stand up to Racism // Ramona McCartney, Peoples Assembly Against Austerity // Rachel Garnham, Labour NEC & Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America // Cllr Peray Ahmet, Labour NPF member // Huda Elmi, Labour NEC & Momentum NCG // Andrew Murray, Unite // Jenny Manson, Editor, Public Service on the Brink // Murad Qureshi, Stop the War Coalition // Hugh Lanning, Labour & Palestine // Christine Blower, former NUT General Secretary // Mick Whelan, ASLEF General Secretary // Ellen Lees, We Own It // Sean McGovern, Co-Chair, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee // Chris Hazzard MP, Sinn Fein // Steven Saxby, Labour Homelessness Campaign // Duncan Bowie, author, Radical Solutions to the Housing Crisis // John Hendy QC, Co-author, Manifesto for Labour Law // Lauren Townsend, TGI Fridays campaigner // Apsana Begum, Momentum // Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary // Laura Morales, Justice Mexico Now // Julia Felmanas, Brazilian Workers’ Party // Karma Nabulsi, Palestinian writer & activist // Mike Jackson, Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners & more!

Watch out this week for full details of sessions, themes and more!

Get your early-bird, discounted tickets here – RSVP, share & invite here – Follow on Facebook & Twitter

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