Public Ownership

Our movement relies on people like you getting involved and helping shape Labour’s transformative agenda for when we are in government.

Since launching our consultation on democratic public ownership, so many of you have responded and started conversations about radical socialist policies, but there’s more you can still do.

Labour believes that everyone should have control over their working lives and the key services we all rely on. I launched this consultation to ask how we should design and govern our new publicly-owned utilities in ways that will make them genuinely accountable and responsive to all of us who use and work in them.

Labour wants to listen and learn from the people on the frontline: workers and users of public services. The consultation is live until 30 June. Contribute your ideas online – it takes less than five minutes!

Share my ideas now

You can also organise a discussion with your local party to give everyone a chance to participate in the policy making process.

Find out how to organise a discussion

We can help suggest speakers and put you in touch with trade unions in the new public services sectors if you contact

More information on all the NPF policy consultations can be found on our website – with some tips on how you can get involved.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

In solidarity,

John McDonnell MP

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

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