Kent County Council meeting debating climate change

Update on Get Kent County Council to Declare a Climate Emergency

Yesterday KCC debated Councillor Martin Whybrow’s motion to declare a climate emergency.

You can watch it by clicking this link and scrolling to Item 13 on the agenda:

The motion was passed but with an amended target date for carbon neutrality of 2050 rather than 2030 with one councillor, Conservative Matthew Balfour, referring to the 2030 target as “nebulous, attention-seeking and silly.”

Evidence from the Living Species Report by the WWF used to support the motion was also questioned by another councillor, Conservative Sean Holden, who declared that, “all of this exaggeration doesn’t do the case any good.”

(For anyone else in denial the report is based on 20 years of scientific research and was widely reported in the majority of media outlets. It has since been backed up by a UN report released earlier this month on the unprecedented rate of species extinction.)

If, like us, you are disappointed by the lack of emergency in this declaration you can find the contact details of your local councillor here:

Alternatively feel free to look up your local Labour Party, Friends of The Earth and Extinction Rebellion groups who are planning their next steps.

Thanks for your support.

By Rachael Webster

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