Jackie out canvassing makes a green pledge to keep swanley cleaner and greener.

Jackie Griffiths’ Report

Thank you to those people who showed their support in the election of 2nd May. It is indeed a privilege to serve as a Labour District and Town Councillor for St. Mary’s Ward.

My goal is to foster a strong sense of community to reach the many and not just the few with a strong focus on help for the vulnerable in our area so that the quality of life for all is improved.

Let’s work together to make St. Mary’s Ward a place where people are proud to live and where residents can feel safe and valued. Let’s see what we can do to promote Labour’s New Green Policy.

Several of you have brought safety issues to my attention. I have attended a meeting of PACT (Partners and Community Together). This is a panel of local people and local public services that meet regularly to discuss residents’ community safety concerns. I brought to their attention those issues that you had raised with me. They were discussed at some length by the community police officers and representatives of Sevenoaks District Council and solutions suggested. I also attended a meeting of the Independent Police Advisory Group, which is chaired by Labour Party member Angela George. Again I made contact with helpful community officers and some solutions were suggested.

You have 2 Labour Councillors in St. Mary’s Ward who are committed to serve the interests of your community and I Labour District Councillor who is determined to represent the ward at Sevenoaks District Council.

By Jackie Griffiths.
Labour Councillor for Swanley Town Council & Sevenoaks District Council, St. Mary’s Ward

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