Time for Change in Hextable

We need a parish council which campaigns not only for improvements in Hextable but in Swanley too, where many residents access shopping and leisure facilities. Sevenoaks is one of the richest District Councils in the country and Labour would campaign for a fair share of their vast resources for Hextable and Swanley. Some  “Independents” have stood as Conservatives on the District Council; we need a balance of voices on our parish council, working collaboratively, and Labour in Hextable would do so for the benefit of local residents.

Labour proposes:

  • A review of the Parish Complex proposals in view of the fact that
    – only one consultation meeting was held
    – the survey on which the report is based was only carried out on 3% of the parish population (159 surveyed from a population of 4,400).
  • Labour supports the protection of the Green Belt and retaining the character of Hextable, whilst recognising the importance and need for community buildings for the use of groups and residents in the parish, as well as the need for genuinely affordable or social housing for our young people. Any development should only be on brownfield sites in the Swanley and Hextable environs. The Tories promised residents they would do everything to protect the Green Belt around Swanley and its surrounding areas; in Hextable the parish council have not seemed concerned to prevent development of the green open spaces in Dawson Drive and College Road, whilst the Tories in Swanley voted in favour of building 2500 new homes on the controversial Pedham Place Development.
  • As proposed in Labour’s environment policy, “The Green Transformation”, there should be a commitment to green development with low to zero carbon housing and encouragement of insulation schemes and other refurbishment to help tackle climate change and pollution, whilst providing lower fuel bills and employment for our young people in highly skilled green industries.
  • Labour will campaign for a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly leisure centre that meets the needs of our growing population, providing health and well being opportunities for all, instead of the Tories’ proposed replacement of the Swanley leisure centre by a much smaller, sub-standard one, with a smaller pool and no sports hall.
  • Since the parish became independent there has been a marked lack of interest in youth provision. Labour would campaign for more facilities for young people and the reinstatement of the Leisure Pass for the young, as well as the over 50s, to activities in Swanley.
  • Fly-tipping is a scourge in Hextable and Labour would campaign for this to be addressed more rigorously by Sevenoaks District Council.
  • Where road surfacing is concerned, Hextable seems to be the lowest priority and Labour would campaign for improvement by Kent County Council in this area.

By Cheryl Johnson
Labour Party candidate for Hextable Parish Council


Promoted by Ian Rashbrook, on behalf of Cheryl Johnson at Corner House, London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD


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