Jackie Griffiths: Labour Candidate for St. Mary’s District & Town Council

I have lived in Swanley since 1960 and have worked locally so feel that I know the area well. My husband has lived here all of his life and we have brought our two sons up here. I feel that experience has enabled me to understand the hopes and aspirations of the residents and also problems that face the town.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve the people of St Mary’s Ward at local level and represent them at district level. I have a nursing background and worked as a midwife at Queen Mary’s Hospital for many years.  After that I worked as a lecturer at North West Kent College, teaching health courses and

‘A’ level History and Sociology.  This has given me an interest in people and I would want to foster a strong sense of community within the area.  Naturally I am concerned about future development plans for Swanley and how these will affect the residents here.  I want to build a secure and pleasant environment for the many and not the few.

I have retained a strong interest in health matters especially mental health. I am aware of the current pressures on local services and the need for an expansion of mental health facilities locally. I cared for both my mother and mother in law who both lived to the age of 93 and 95 respectively. I understand the issues and pressures involved in looking after the old and the necessity for good caring services. I realise that loneliness and isolation contribute to depression and mental ill health. To that end I would like to see more community services to deal with these issues.

Swanley is a good place to live and I want to ensure that it benefits everyone. We are entitled to a clean, nice town and I propose to maintain the areas so that they are attractive and litter free. I support green policies adhered to by the Labour Party and would want to encourage drives to reduce the use of plastic and to forward local initiatives to protect our environment.

For me, Swanley is about the people. I would pledge to serve the people of St Mary’s Ward in order to achieve a good quality of life for all. I would be prepared to support the most vulnerable to achieve a good standard of living.

I am retired from full time work now and have the time to devote to the representation of the residents of St Mary’s Ward. I am involved in the local history group and I teach a modern history class for the University of Third Age. I also play the guitar for a local Gospel Choir based in Erith.

by Jackie Griffiths
Labour Candidate for St. Mary’s District & Town Council


“Promoted by Ian Rashbrook, on behalf of Jackie Griffiths all at Corner House, London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD. Hosted by David Carr, https://swanleydistrictlabourparty.org/ and contact@swanleydistrictlabourparty.org

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