Your Labour Candidates

We’ll once again field a slate of candidates for the district and town elections in Swanley. We have representatives from our young members and we have experienced councillors and former councillors. In total, we have 18 candidates; 10 men, 8 women, including teachers, trade unionists, bankers, students, lawyers and retirees.

We are backing the labour team

Three things have made this possible. The growing support for the local party. The enthusiasm and energy of our members. But most of all the success of the Corbyn project in firing people up to get deeply and personally involved in all levels of politics.

In the Swanley town wards – Swanley St Mary, Swanley White Oak and Swanley Christchurch and Swanley Village, experienced former councillors standing for Labour this year include Mark Fittock, Angela George, Jackie Griffiths and former leader of Swanley Town Council Ian Rashbrook. We’re also delighted to see a number of younger members step up to represent the party, and shortly the voters of their respective wards, including Charlie Zahra and Sultan George. Completing the Swanley slate for the district election are Elizabeth Eigbefoh, Collins Fadare, Jim Ware, David Sherlock and Denise Ware.

Picture of Labour candidates for White Oak, Denise Ware, Charlie Zahra, Angela George
Picture of Labour candidates for White Oak, Denise Ware, Charlie Zahra, Angela George
Picture of Jackie Griffiths, Ian Rashbrook, and listing Connie Lee and Collins Fadare

In Hextable we have the outstanding candidate Cheryl Johnson, who is keen to defend and promote the interests of Hextable residents.

Cheryl Johnson. Labour candidate for Hextable

The voters of Crockenhill and Well Hill are also ably represented for Labour by David Griffiths, Crockenhill born and bred and a long-standing member of the local party.

portrait of David Griffiths
David Griffiths Labour candidate for Crockenhill and Well Hill District Council


“Promoted by and on behalf of Swanley & District Branch Labour Party at Corner House, London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD. Hosted by David Carr, and”



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