Restore local democracy

For too long, at every level of government, the Conservatives have decided what goes on in Sevenoaks – our MP, our district council, our county council and our town and parish councils all work to a Conservative Party agenda.

Voting Labour on May 2nd means voting against the status quo that has prevailed in Sevenoaks for a generation or more, and voting in favour of positive, democratic change. Here’s how Labour councillors will represent your interests on the district council.

A real alternative

To make our local politicians accountable requires meaningful debate and proper scrutiny at all levels of government. One party in power will never properly scrutinise or challenge itself.

Labour councillors elected to Sevenoaks District Council will ensure proper democratic accountability for the decisions that affect you. Our party will demand real alternatives, real debate and real consideration for what voters tell us you want.

Abolish the cabinet system

Within our district council in particular, there is even less accountability to the voters. Sevenoaks District Council works on a cabinet system, the purpose of which is freely admitted by the SDC website – “to take most of the Council’s decisions”. Your councillors – the ones you vote for in your ward – will often have little involvement in the day-to-day decisions that affect your community. That means raising issues with your representative may have no impact on the decisions the council makes.

Having one party run the district council under a cabinet system makes the council less accountable to you, the voters. Labour would abolish it, and make every councillor – and therefore every local community and every voter – heard.

Restore the connection with local journalists

Finally, Labour would cancel the council’s propaganda magazines, currently published and distributed at council (and therefore taxpayer) expense. We don’t need to hear the council congratulate itself on a job well done. We need proper scrutiny of local government decisions, and that means supporting local journalism – best done by restoring the connection between the local press and local government, and stopping the council publishing its own “news”.

Vote Labour on May 2nd to restore proper local democracy to Sevenoaks and make your vote count


“Promoted by and behalf of Swanley and District Branch Labour Party at Corner House, London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD. Hosted by David Carr,  and”

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