Members of Sevenoaks Labour Party hosting a street stall in Swanley

Swanley Residents Welcome Labour

Swanley Labour had a very warm response from residents to the Swanley stall today. We handed out our local Swanley Newsletter and had lots of discussions with people about there concerns, and what they would like Swanley Labour to do if they got elected. People expressed serious worries about air pollution in the area. Several residents wanted to see dramatic improvements for the disabled in the town centre and shops.

Labour Party member canvassing in Swanley Town Centre

It was shocking to hear about how children with autism and other learning difficulties were being denied access to special needs education. Elderly citizens, who are immobile and have severe disabilities, also reported being refused disability allowance.

A health care worker was in tears about how the NHS was being privatised, and services run down.

There was also widespread condemnation of the poor lighting around Swanley. A major issue was cars speeding on St. Mary’s Road, and at the roundabout and surrounding areas close to the town centre. Two people have been knocked down recently, and despite a 20 mile speed limit there was very poor enforcement.

Despite a few nasty comments, we were all very cheered by the positive and friendly responses. It was inspiring how many people said they would be voting Labour, and supported what we were doing.

We will be campaigning every Saturday morning for the local elections. We will meet at 10.30am at The Corner House, London Road, Swanly, Kent BR8 7QD. Come and join us and have a great time.


“Promoted by and behalf of Swanley and District Branch Labour Party at Corner House, London Road, Swanley BR8 7QD. Hosted by David Carr,  and”

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