Crocken Hill Parish Council Building, outside photo

Latest News from the District : Crockenhill

At a packed meeting in Crockenhill village hall, on Wednesday 16th January 2019, villagers were informed of the latest planning plans proposed by Sevenoaks District Council that could have an impact on  the village.

A total of 43 new units are proposed for the village, consisting of 30 houses at Middle farm nursery, Cray Rd., 10 houses at Wested farm, Eynsford road, and another 3 pitches at the site at Bournewood Brickworks, Stones cross road.

All proposed 40 houses could be built on “Green Belt ” land, and SDC now have options to build on Green Belt land due to new government legislation, under “Exceptional Circumstances”

Another major concern for residents was the proposed plans for Pedham Place. These consist of 2500 houses, schools, nursery, shops, offices, hotel, healthcare community buildings and a relocated leisure centre to replace White oak. This proposal could greatly  affect the village, as a major increase in traffic in Swanley would see Wested lane used as a “rat run” through the village.

The Swanley Transport Study suggests widening lanes and adding passing places between the M25 and Crockenhill “in order to reduce congestion in Swanley & to improve air quality in Swanley”!

In discussion during the presentation and during questions, the following general oppositions to the plans were:

  • Middle Farm Nursery, Cray road – Green belt land, no exceptional circumstances, 30 new units would impact local traffic, dangerous access onto narrow lane, buildings would overlook existing dwellings and affect open views from existing properties.
  • Wested farm, Eynsford Road – Green Belt land, no exceptional circumstances, no amenities, no public transport links, no safe walking route, will add to traffic on narrow lane.
  • Pedham Place, Farningham – Green Belt Land, designated area of natural beauty, buffer zone to protect long distant views, development already refused as it would “prejudice the clearly defined limits to the Swanley urban area ” , lots of extra traffic, no benefit to Swanley as moving the leisure centre to Pedham would increase traffic flow in and out of Swanley and Crockenhill.

The Parish Council will respond to these proposals, and all individuals (and their families) were urged to make their views felt through the Consultation Representation Form.

 Fill in a form, available from SDC, Argyle Road Sevenoaks TN13 1HG Phone 01732 227000 or available online at Forms also available from the Parish council.

The Parish Council office will be open from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM Monday to Thursday until 1st February (At the village hall).

The deadline for comments is midnight Sunday 3rd February , so not much time to air your views!

Thanks to Crockenhill Parish Council for providing so much information on this subject, and to Crockenhill residents for their ongoing interest in local matters.

By J.C.

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