Allotments for everyone

Swanley & District Labour Party is committed to significantly increasing the number of allotments and community gardens throughout Swanley. At present Swanley Town Council has 38 allotment plots based at Kettlewell Allotments, Swanley Park. There are currently 9 large and 29 regular size plots. There is a huge waiting lists, and applicants could be waiting years before they get an allotment, if at all.

Allotments in Swanley

If elected to the run the Town Council Swanley & District Labour Party will ensure all residents will have the opportunity to have an allotment and be part of the community gardens we want to set up.

Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party is taking up Swanley & District Labour Party’s proposal and will aim to enable residents throughout Sevenoaks to have allotments and join community gardens. Allotments and community gardens can be great places for children and young people as well. They can provide educational opportunities, helping them to learn the natual sciences, as well as keeping fit and healthy.

Children working on an allotment

Allotments and community gardens serve the borough and district by look attractive and appealing. They can also provide habitats for all forms of wildlife. By cultivating and planting an allotment gardeners help keep biodiversity levels up, protecting the ecosystem, and improving crop yields.

Allotments and community gardens also encourage community spirit that benefits everyone. Residents working on allotments and community gardents get to mix with people of different ages, with very different social backgrounds. Sharing advice and guidance and just getting to know each other means they play an important role in tackling isolation and loneliness. This can provide the foundation for other communal activities such as parties and outings.

Allotments also play an important role in healthy living. Residents can grow fresh vegetables and salad to supplement an entire weekly shop. This not only helps establish a healthy diet. Freshly grown vegetables and salads, normally organic, taste so much better than anything that can be bought in a supermarket. They will also help save money, particularly as vegetables are such ridiculous prices.

Working on an allotment and community garden also provides vigorous excercise and lots of fresh air and sunlight. This will not only help people see off certain illness it can also raise the serotonin levels in peoples bodies, making them feel happier as well as healthier. Just 30 minutes of gardening on your allotment can burn around 150 calories. This is the same as a work out in the gym or aearobics, but outside, in the fresh air.

It has have been found that moderate activity like this can help prevent heart disease, obesity, brittle bones, arthritis, depression and non-insulin dependent diabetes. What’s more it’s fun!

Support Labour’s drive for every resident in Swanley to have the option of having an allotment if they want one. Let’s do it for our community.

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