Swanley Town Centre Tories cave in over town centre development

Tory Betrayal!

Swanley Town Centre: Time to end the Tory blame game

All over our district, Tory councillors are blaming their failure to stand up for local people on bad central government policy.

They’re planning to build over our green belt, despite local opposition, at Beechenlea Lane here in Swanley, just up the road at Pedham Place and all over the district. They blame this on a housebuilding target imposed on them by central government – but these are Tory targets set by a Tory government.

Now they’re planning not to contest a huge development of luxury flats right here in the centre of Swanley, utterly out of keeping with the local area and destined to make parking and traffic in the town even worse. They’re blaming that on a change in central government policy too – another Tory policy laid down by a Tory government!

We can’t keep letting one lot of Tories blame another lot of Tories every time they trample over the needs of the people here in Swanley. The only solution is to vote them out. Vote them out in Swanley, vote them out in Sevenoaks and vote them out in Westminster. With Labour representatives at every level of government, your voices will be heard again and the blame won’t just get passed every time from one Tory to another.

Swanley’s tallest building today is Horizon House, by Swanley Station.

The town centre redevelopment proposals include an 11 storey block of flats, half as tall again as Horizon House.

Labour supports new home building in Swanley

But development should be in the right place, of the right kind and proportionate.

That means getting on with building on the former Working Men’s Club and other brownfield sites.

It means building affordable homes to meet local needs.

It does not mean 11-storey blocks in the town centre.


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