Cllr Dee Morris

Conservative Councillor Exposed Update

Our report in September exposed the fact that Conservative Cllr D Morris was the owner of the property Godfreys at Otford Road Sevenoaks. This site was identified as potentially suitable for change of use to housing development and as such had been included in the draft Sevenoaks District Local Plan under the “Call for Sites” exercise.

There was no public acknowledgement of any financial interest in the property from Cllr Morris until the matter was brought to the attention of the Council by the Labour Party. Our investigations have uncovered a complete lack of transparency in this matter that could have resulted in an abuse of privilege

We received numerous emails and phone calls from Cllr Morris requesting that we remove our original article. These culminated in threats of legal action. Despite all this the article has remained.

It has now come to our attention that Cllr Morris has asked the Council to withdraw the property from the list of potential housing development sites.  We are still investigating the matter and if it is  established why there has been this change of direction we will keep you informed.

One thought on “Conservative Councillor Exposed Update

  1. Thank you for investigating this. I feel strongly that anyone, including their partners, who represent this area should be like Caesar’s wife…


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