Swanley – ‘Safe in our Hands’

The above statement was made by the Conservatives at the last STC elections, so let’s see just how safe Swanley was………….

The Woodlands…….Closed and now burned down, with the Chandeliers suddenly found to be missing – certainly safe – NOT!

Swanley Working Man’s Club, bulldozed, but not before the Tory Councillors joined so they could benefit from the monies paid to members on closure, now surrounded by a hoarding – another piece safe in their hands…. NOT

Working Men's Club getting knocked down.

Meeting Point….. a focal point for the pensioners of Swanley, closed and left empty with no where else provided for the pensioners to go – Safe again in their hands…. NO!

And for all their closures, they reward us with this, the proposed 7 x 11 storey tower blocks, built on the car park and our Town Centre, despite the fact that the people of Swanley have protested, it’s going ahead……

U+I plans for Swanley

Swanley – ‘Safe in our Hands’ – Really!!!


Vote them out at the next STC election, vote Labour let’s take Swanley back

One thought on “Swanley – ‘Safe in our Hands’

  1. It’s not 7 11 story towerblocks, they range from 3- 11! If one party actually used facts and stopped just trying to discredit the other. Concertraited on the local area not just scoring points off each other Swanley would benefit!


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