Don’t Lose Your Right to Vote

You never know when an election will happen and in the Labour Party we want to make sure everyonehas the right to vote. But you can’t vote unless you are on the electoral register. There will certainly be vital local elections in less than a years time. To make sure you are, please go to:

The Tories rely on people not voting. It is important to stress not voting is a Tory Vote! In recent years 20% or less of eligible voters turned out to vote. The consequences of this have been a Tory Town Council. We realise many working people have very busy lives, and very little free time. You can easily register for a postal vote to ensure you have your say. You can register in less than five minutes here:

Bormley was a pilot authority for the proposed new voter identification scheme. Over 100 voters were unable to vote in these elections as they did not have identification. Labour lost one seat by 20 votes. The libdems lost another by 50 votes. There were major problems about how the council introduced this scheme. These schemes will be polited again next may. Sevenoaks is a strong candidate with a leading Tory MP and a tory council. Don’t lose your vote and let the Tories in.

A timely reminder has come with the centenary celebrations this month of June 2018, when the first women were allowed to vote in the UK – it took another ten years and a World War for all women to be entitled. There are celebrations of the event with Processions across the UK. You can find out more here:

If you thought you knew all about the suffragettes, you might want to watch the excellent BBC programme that looks into just how tough – and militant – the struggle for women’s votes really was:

So please, make sure you don’t lose your right to have your say in how our area, and our country, is run:

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