Portait photo of Cllr Willingale

Toxic Tories Losing Control

Swanley Town Tories closer to losing control

Swanley Town Council Conservatives are a step closer to losing control of the Town Council after yet another member left the party, this time to sit as an Independent. Since 2015, 5 of the elected Conservative Councillor out of 14 have either defected to another party, become independent or have been suspended from the Tory Group.

White Oak Councillor Harry Willingale publically announced his resignation in a letter in this week’s Sevenoaks Chronicle, writing:

The worst day for Swanley was when it was forced to leave Dartford Council and placed under the control of the Tories at Sevenoaks.”

He continues: “The council has lost under this Tory leadership five members and is in danger of losing its majority.”

Next May you have a chance to vote on the future of Swanley at the District and Town Council elections. You can choose to create a future that works for everyone under Labour or the continued chaos of the dysfunctional Tory administration that has become too much even for many of its own party members.

Letter by Cllr Willingale stating he is resigning from the Swanley Tory Party

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