How to Make Our Streets Safer

Not that we needed all that much convincing, but leaked Home Office documents have confirmed that there is a link between the Conservatives slashing tens of thousands of police jobs and the increasing rates of crime on our streets.

In Kent alone, Tory cuts have led to the loss of 532 police officers and 104 police community support officers. As my colleague Emily previously mentioned in the Chronicle (Thursday, March 1st), local reports of violent crime have risen sharply as we lose this vital service.

My brother-in-law is a police officer and hearing about the pressure he and his colleagues are under is deeply concerning. Only Labour will stand up for the safety of our streets and communities. We’ll protect frontline officers so they can protect you, and we’ll put 10,000 extra bobbies on the beat.

Our police do an incredible job but it is important to understand that the causes of crime cannot be tackled just by putting more money into the police force. Crime is a social phenomenon and it is an inescapable result of a society divided by inequality. Everyone has a right to walk without fear on our streets at any time of day or night. Personal safety should not be a privilege.

Labour’s vision is of a country where the satisfaction of people’s basic needs — for decent jobs, housing, healthcare, education, and public transport is met. A country where we engage with young people rather than dismiss them, and provide the credible alternatives that will prevent them from being drawn into crime in the first place. A country for the many, not the few. Read our policy on “Safer Communities” here.

Portrait of Tim Hall Sevenoaks CLP Chair


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