Transport Plan

The extraordinary Town Council meeting on Thursday 26th April gave some insight into the thinking of the local conservatives.

They are not prepared to speak out or oppose the housing targets imposed by the Conservative central government.

Indeed Cllr Southern implied it was good to build over the green belt to accommodate the housing needs of London

While doing nothing to prevent foreign investors buying up all the property in London for investment purposes resulting in rise of the ghost towers of empty flats.

There was no explanation as to why the Town Council Changed their minds and decided not to support their original proposals to build housing on green belt in Beachenlea Lane and the Olympic site.

Just by putting those sites forward as suitable for housing the Tories will weaken any further arguments against building on the greenbelt in Swanley and surrounding areas.

Residents were also very critical of the Mayor for not allowing further questions or comments from residents during the debate which was contrary to the order of business outlined in the agenda.

Worse still there were no papers available on the proposed housing in Beachenlea Lane so only the informed could follow the debate.

At the end even Cllr Halford did not know what he was voting for, but there was nothing new there.

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