Make Our Town A Community

Let’s make Swanley a great place to live. The Labour party want to revive and develop the idea of a community. Community is about belonging and fellowship. This is what we want for Swanley. A place where everyone matters and no one is marginalised, where we can all contribute towards the well being of all. A number of studies have shown that people with a strong sense of community report better physical and mental health.

We need to introduce facilities for our young people so they can participate and feel included. We must provide places for them to go rather than hanging around the streets. This will encourage good mental health. Also the elderly and disabled members of the community need to feel they are important and valued.

Now Age Concern has been moved it is vital to make sure these people are included. We need bereavement groups and support networks for those on their own.

It is not acceptable that there are people who are isolated or too scared to go out. Good social integration is important for a healthy community – a place where there is proper interaction and where people can work for collective goals. We need to build Swanley up again so that it is a thriving town where everyone can benefit. Labour wants to build a caring community. A place where people feel safe and have a sense of well-being.

The Labour Party want

  • To bring back a community centre for Swanley
  • Re-introduce affordable rates for Swanley clubs and activities
  • Bring back services for bereavement and mental health such as drop-ins
  • Bring back activities in which groups and families can participate e.g. Swanley Gala.

Please help the Labour Party foster these values in Swanley. Make it our town and our community.

By Jackie Griffiths
Swanley & District Labour Party Executive Officer and Labour Councillor Candidate

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