Swanley Town Centre entrance

The Future of Swanley Town Centre

In November of last year, the Development Control Committee at Sevenoaks unanimously rejected U+I’s plans to redevelop the Town Centre.

They wanted to build a number of tower blocks rising to eleven storeys, containing expensive flats, a multi-storey car park, shops and restaurants for well healed city workers on high salaries and not for the people of Swanley.

The Labour Party opposed these plans from the outset, mobilising public opinion through a petition and street stall campaign. Labour councillor Mike Hogg openly criticised the scheme at the planning meeting and voted against it.

U+I have a reputation for building high density, high rise buildings with little concern for the opinion of the community and completely ignoring local needs. Just look at what they are doing to Bromley South. The monstrous tower block being constructed by the station is the work of this company.

As the redevelopment of the Town Centre has returned to square one, we now want to ask  the opinions of the local people as to what should be done to improve the Town Centre. Please let us know your ideas.

Labour has considered this issue at length and has come up with the following points.

  • The Town Centre has been neglected by its owners for many years and needs to be rejuvenated.
  • Any plans for the Town Centre must meet
  • the wishes and needs of the people of Swanley.
  • The number and range of shops need to be improved, by encouraging small independent traders including a number of new catering outlets; not big chains, (We cannot compete with Bluewater).
  • Housing must be a priority. We propose any house building should be of small blocks of low rise flats and houses, a mix of affordable housing for sale and rent, with a strong element of social and council housing.
  • A place where the youngsters of Swanley can start on the housing ladder.
  • Any housing would be of “eco-friendly” construction, using sustainable resources for construction and energy provision.
  • To build a new integrated health centre, replacing the Oaks and Cedars and providing a full range of primary healthcare.
  • Establish a community centre, a place where clubs and societies can meet, providing a range of activities catering for all ages and interest groups.
  • Parking provision must realistically reflect the number of residents and potential users.



A picture of a form to post concerning the development of Swanley Town Centre


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