Another Swanley is Possible

Swanley Labour Party is very proud of its role in preventing tower blocks in the town centre being pushed through for private development. Swanley does need redevelopment though. The transformation of Swanley must be for the many, not just the few.

We are asking all residents to consider our ideas and reflect on how they would like to see Swanley improved. We invite you to contribute and share your ideas with us.

For our part we are urging U&I and Sevenoaks District Council to redevelop Swanley Town Centre along family friendly, environmental lines. Swanley residents clearly do not want concrete tower blocks. Instead we could be transforming Swanley into a green, healthy town that cares for its residents well-being, and establishes community groups and a sense of belonging.

The key elements of this would include:

  • Locals to have a say in the development
  • Solar, wind and other forms of clean renewable energy in all buildings, public and private
  • Reduce the use of plastic and employ creative and high rates of recycling
  • Free loft insulation to be given to all householders to help save energy and tackle fuel poverty
  • Green innovations to provide employment and training that is local
  • Local services and schools, so less demand for use of cars
  • Free Wi-Fi in the town centre will enable communities to join together
  • Green spaces around and within the town
  • Eco-grants to be available to local businesses to help reduce their carbon footprint
  • Encourage affordable healthy eating
  • Free leisure passes for the young and those on low incomes
  • Encouraging the use of walking and cycling, with bike lanes, raised crossways, and pedestrian lights

Building eco houses and community projects is an investment.  Ensuring they are environmentally friendly will not only provide homes and jobs, but also tackle fuel poverty, climate change and pollution. The whole community will benefit. Each home and community building will become a source of cheap renewable energy, generating income for us all.

We were recently in the news as the Daily Mail reported that Swanley was the number one property price growth hotspot. Property prices in Swanley have increased by 10.78% in the last year. The Money is there to make Swanley a wonderful place to live. We need to ensure that all residents benefit from these positive developments, not just a wealthy few.

Please watch this short video to get an idea of what is possible.

Let us know what you think!

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