Basketball Arena for Swanley?


Sevenoaks Suns, one of England’s leading basketball clubs, is entering negotiations with   Swanley Town Council, seeking relocation to Swanley.

It wants to build a barnlike structure, like the one above, to house a number of courts, including a show court with seating for over 500 spectators.

They suggested two possible locations the REC and the OLYMPIC.

The Estates and Facilities Committee of the Town Council rejected the Rec Option but were warm to offering the Olympic Golf Range as a possible site.

Front of basketball court

The Scheme has a number of advantages for Swanley, but also many disadvantages.

The plus points are:

  • It will raise the profile of the town, especially if Swanley is incorporated in the Team’s name.
  • It will bring revenue to the Town.
  • It will provide sporting facilities for our young people, including school links.
  • It will provide a use for the now redundant driving range.
  • The bar and restaurant at the Olympic could cash in on the visitors to the club.

The down side:-

  • The proposed site is on Green Belt land. Do we want such a building on land we saved last year from Urban Sprawl?
  • Is the development aesthetically pleasing?
  • Congestion could be caused in Beechenlea Lane. Could it cope with the traffic on big match days?
  • The supporters may disturb the local residents.
  • Can we provide the hotel accommodation and housing they demand for their players, visitors and staff.




4 thoughts on “Basketball Arena for Swanley?

  1. I think it would be a great addition to the area, providing good sports facilities and opportunities is good for health and keeping young people out of trouble.

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  2. The Sevenoaks Suns women’s basketball team is the top women’s team in the UK professional league. This is big. It could make Swanley a sports hub in Kent with other sports bolting on to the new centre.

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  3. Build affordable homes not these facilities. Build it in Knole Park. Sevenoaks stop dumping your projects you don’t want onto Swanley.


  4. I am for more local jobs but building on the green belt this is a big NO NO, this would mean more cars coming into Swanley and more Air pollution in the area, Air quality in Swanley is bad enough as it is, What we need SDC to build proper eco friendly Council Housing, built and run by the Council


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