Swanley Property Prices Soar

Swanley was in the news as the Daily Mail reported that Swanley was the number one property price growth hotspot. Property prices in Swanley have increased by 10.78% in the last year. And – based on this growth rate – commuters who own a home in Swanley could expect to effectively offset their £2,500 annual London rail fare in 25 days.

The article stated:

Commuters lumbered with lengthy train journeys and fed up with where they live should head to Swanley, in Kent, if they want to enjoy a booming housing market and decent value travel connections, a new study suggests.

It is the “easy” commute to London that is the prime reason for Swanley reaching the top spot.

This may be a mixed blessing for the residents of Swanley. It explains U&I’s land grab, and rush to build tower blocks in the town centre. Social housing in Swanley has already been severely limited, and could be further cut back. This may also explain the rush to call in baliffs when residents fall behind with their rent or council tax.

It is also the case that we have an incompetent, self interested Tory town council, and Tory District Council, that are likely to ensure only the few benefit from Swanley’s prime position. We clearly need a Labour Swanley Town Council that will enable all the residents to benefit from Swanley’s number 1 spot in the commuter property market; and not allow a few to profit at the expense of the many.


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