Picture of Trump and details of Trump protest demonstration

Trump Protests across the South East Region

Swanley & District Labour Party gives full support to South East Unite Community call encouraging Community groups, and members, to join Trump Protest events in your local town, from 12-1:30 pm, on Saturday 24th February 2018 (see the list of Community actions across the region below).


Why we are protesting
It is highly likely the President of the USA will be visiting the UK to open a new US Embassy in London on Monday, 26th February. Donald Trump had originally been invited by the Prime Minister, Theresa May,  to enjoy a full state-visit with all the pomp and ceremony that would involve. Due to enormous public pressure the Prime minister was forced to revise plans and scale down the visit to a ‘working-visit’.


Donald Trump has proven to be a truly divisive President. He promotes policies that are racist, islamophobic, and sexist. He abandoned the Paris Climate Change Agreement, putting the lives of millions of vulnerable people at risk. He aggressively promotes war. He plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico. He encourages communities to be divided, and allows people to fail, all this, whilst promoting economic policies and tax cuts that favour himself and others like him – the wealthiest in society!


South East Unite Community promotes fairness, dignity, and respect. We proudly work to build stronger communities and help empower people to organise and improve our lives collectively. We actively encourage inclusion, diversity, and equality. Together we are the polar opposite to Trumpism!


The Plan
On Saturday, 24th February, between 12-1:30 p.m. hundreds of Community members, friends, and families will join together to demonstrate our collective opposition for the divisive, dangerous, and harmful policies that President Trump champions.


There will be leaflets and placards available on the day, we welcome other groups and organisations that support the event and join in solidarity. You are encouraged to share this information widely, prepare your own placards and other materials, and help convey this collective message as widely as possible.


We aim to mobilise hundreds of people to send a clear message to Donald Trump and the UK Government – there is no place for politics of greed and hate in our country. We need policies for the many – not the few.


Woman holding cancel Trump Visti placard


List of Trump Protest Events


Note: all events will be held 12-1:30 pm, on Saturday 24th February (unless otherwise stated). Click link for Facebook event.













Slough          outside Empire Cinema, High Street, SL1 1DD



If you would like to organise any additional events in your area, and for all other enquiries, please contact us on the details below:


CoordinatorKelly.Tomlinson@unitetheunion.org – 07941342835


AssistantJoe.Dukes@unitetheunion.org – 07803136091


You can also find a full list of Trump Protest Facebook events on the South East Unite Community Facebook page – please check it out, ‘like’ us, and share with your friends!


We very much hope you will support our SE Community – Trump Protest actions?


Best wishes


Kelly & Joe


Unite Community & Schools
Unite the Union
10 Old London Road
Portsmouth PO2 9RS


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