Portraits of Rachel Garnham, Jon Lansman, Yasmin Dar, urging members to vote in NEC elections


Dear Swanley Labour Party,

I am writing to thank your Constituency Labour Party for nominating me for Labour’s National Executive Committee and to remind you that the deadline for members to vote in the election is next Friday 12 January at 12:00 midday.

These are important elections. With the Tories lurching from crisis to crisis of their own making, Labour must continue to make every effort to make sure we are election-ready. We need to continue to set the political agenda with our progressive policies that will defend the NHS, invest for growth and reverse privatisation. And we must ensure that members are fully involved in selecting candidates in the seats we desperately need to win to secure a transformative Labour government.

At the same time, we have the opportunity of the Democracy Review to give more say to members and make our Party more democratic and inclusive. Supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, I am standing alongside Yasmine Dar and Jon Lansman as the candidates who will support Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive leadership and stand up for the rights of party members. We oppose austerity, support radical reforms to deliver economic democracy and champion greater internal democracy within the Labour Party.

I hope that in the last week before the deadline you will remind and encourage your members to use their vote in these elections.

Yours in comradeship


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