A cheap fun day return to Greenwich!

A festive day out in London for you and the kids…for only £3!

Now the school Christmas holidays are upon us, what can we do to entertain the kids?  well, how about a busy day in Greenwich for only £3?  By using an oyster or a contactless  card on London buses, an adult and any children under 11 can travel from Swanley to Greenwich for only £3 return!

To benefit from this bargain, you must use the two buses needed to get to Greenwich within an hour of your first journey.

From Swanley, the 233 bus will take you to Eltham,( Pound Place,)  and then  a 286 will take you to Greenwich, and as long as you join the 286 within an hour of leaving Swanley, this whole one way trip will cost the adult £1.50, with any kids under 11 travelling free!

This time of year, Greenwich town is a blaze of colour and things for you and the kids to look for are:

  • Greenwich Park, including the Deer park and childrens playground
  • Greenwich visitor centre
  • Greenwich Maritime museum
  • Greenwich foot tunnel…walk under the river!
  • Greenwich market..look for Christmas ideas, but no need to buy!
  • The Cutty Sark
  • The Old Naval College
  • Greenwich Obsevatory
  • The river!

Just sitting by the river watching the boats travelling up and down  can be fun, and kids will love the deers in the Wlderness area of the park, plus lots of Squirrels!  And watch out for the red time ball, on the top of the observatory, which drops at exactly 1 o/clock, to show the sailors of old the correct time.

Coming home is the same route and cost as the outward journey, just ensure you swipe on the second bus within an hour of the first,

And if your under 11’s look older, they may need their own ID or oyster card.

The Cutty Sark and the Royal Observatory charge for entry, but looking is free!

Hoping you have a great (cheap) day out in Greenwich and the kids are occupied for one day at least!

For any travel information call TFL 0343 222 1234


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