Woodbridge Sentenced!

Robert Woodbridge, who left the Labour Party under a cloud in December 2014, was today (27th November) sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court to 4 months imprisonment, suspended for a year for benefit fraud.

When he was a member of our Party, Woodbridge found it difficult to agree with fellow members on a whole range of issues and frequently threatened legal action if he could not get his own way. He was made leader of the Council but failed to attend crucial meetings and made few decisions. After a year he was sacked. Later, he was suspended from the Labour Group for going to the Conservatives and press with confidential information.

In 2014, he sought reselection as a Council Candidate. He failed to win a seat, as members had had enough of him, and as result he left the Party and stood unsuccessfully for both the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

In the last three years he has embarked on a vicious on line campaign against all his opponents, both within and outside the Labour Party, accusing them of corruption. He even stooped so low as to falsely accuse their friends and families of wrong doing, some of this bordering upon racism. He threatened to go to the Police, accusing a Party member of electoral irregularities.

It seems that his veneer of upstanding councillor, an expert in law, was just a cover for his own corruption. He was quick to accuse others and all the time he was cheating the tax payer out of thousands of pounds.

Many we have spoken to feel that he has got off lightly and many more firmly believe that his offence was merely the tipoff the Iceberg.


His exploits made the BBC South East news. You can catch up by clicking the link below:



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