Questions Sevenoaks District Council Must Answer!

Labour Councillor Mike Hogg is going to ask the Leader of Sevenoaks Distinct Council the following question at the Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 21st November.


Portrait Photo of Councillor Mike Hogg
Councillor Mike Hogg
 As it is now well over two years since the District Council evicted Age Concern from their Meeting Point venue in Swanley High Street and its acquisition of Swanley Working Mans Club, could the Leader explain to the people of Swanley why it has taken the Council so long, except for the demolition of the Club, to take any action in developing these sites?
What is the cost to the council of securing and maintaining these sites?
Could he also explain why the Working Mans Club was purchased without any firm plans for the site or predicted income from it, counter to the Council’s property purchase policy?
When are the people of Swanley going to see any action?
This is in response to the growing feeling in Swanley that the District Council is using Swanley as a cash cow and does not care about its appearance or prosperity.
We believe that Sevenoaks is embarking on a campaign to run Swanley down, so that it can then claim that it is regenerating the town with unwanted grandiose projects that will make money for big business but bring no benefit to the the ordinary people of Swanley.
We eagerly await the answer to this question and any supplementary questions that Mike may ask.

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