Age Concern Shop in Swanley Town Centre,

Save Our Shop


A GROUP OF SHOP VOLUNTEERS are calling on a charity for the elderly to reverse its shock decision to close its popular charity shop in Swanley town centre.

They have already gained over 300 signatures to a petition calling on the charity’s trustees to keep the shop open.

Dave Sherlock, who works at the Rural Age Concern Darent Valley shop four days a week said:

All us volunteers are reeling in shock and mystified as to why they are closing the shop.

“For a start the shop is making a profit, so there’s no need to close it down at all. Not only does it make money for the charity, it is a lifeline provider of value-for-money clothes and goods and provides a walk-in advice service for the elderly in the heart of town.

“It will be a tragedy if it closes and once it’s gone there’ll be nothing for older people here. It makes no sense to close this shop and we want to know why.”

Rural Age Concern Darent Valley operates minibus shopping services for the frail elderly, runs the Cottage Day Centre at Brands Hatch and supports lunch clubs in the area of the northern parishes of Sevenoaks, including Swanley, and the southern parishes of Dartford.

For further information please call Dave Sherlock on 01322 410950

Mobile  0794 8282323

News Paper Article about closure of shop

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