Sevenoaks Branch Secretary being interviewed by BBC South East on Michael Fallon's resignation.

Fallon Must Resign!


Sevenoaks Labour branch secretary Seamus McCauley was interviewed by BBC South East news on Sevenoaks MP Michael Fallon’s resignation from the cabinet. Please watch our statement calling on the Conservative government to offer the people of Sevenoaks the chance of better representation (link to video in the photo above or here) or read our transcript below.

“Michael Fallon has admitted, and through his resignation acknowledged, that his conduct is inappropriate in a cabinet minister, or as a representative of Britain’s armed forces. Sevenoaks Labour is therefore surprised and disappointed that Michael Fallon, and the Conservative Party, appear to feel that the people of Sevenoaks are entitled to a lesser standard of conduct in their representative, and call on him to resign.”

Read more on why Fallon must resign as Sevenoaks MP by clicking the link below:

I won’t keep my silence: Michael Fallon lunged at me after our lunch

Jane Merrick explains why she felt compelled to identify the MP who left her humiliated and ashamed as a junior journalist

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