Labour Policy on Sexual Harassment

After the numerous allegations and revelations about the Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, the issue of sexual harassment and abuse is rightly being discussed much more openly.

Sexual harassment is not of course confined to Hollywood. Misogyny and sexism are widespread problems across society. It exists and thrives in the corridors of power, including in Westminster.

At this time, many women have felt more able to come forward and speak about abuse they have experienced.

And as they do, there must be a proper procedure for listening, holding the perpetrators of this harassment to account, and crucially, accepting our shared responsibility to challenge and work to change a culture where the abuse of women has too often been normalised.

In July, the Labour Party agreed detailed and robust policy and procedures to deal with complaints of sexual harassment, and to ensure that these complaints are treated with the sensitivity they require.

You can read our sexual harassment policy in full here, complete with details of how to report any sexual harassment, including through our hotline.

I urge anyone with any complaints to come forward and use the confidential party procedures, or for those working in parliament, to the Commons Authorities, or to the police where appropriate.

I want to make it absolutely clear that our party will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. It is not enough to say we have zero tolerance of sexual harassment and abuse. We must do everything we can to act against this injustice.



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