Grenfell must not be ignored.

We’ve just found out that the Tories in Kensington have been asking residents how important the Grenfell tragedy is on a scale of 0-10.

It is insulting and insensitive.

Preventing another fire like Grenfell couldn’t be more important. And Theresa May has the power to do it — she could use next Wednesday’s budget to set aside money to fit social housing with sprinklers that would save lives. Let’s make sure she hears our message.

Please sign this and tell the Tories why Grenfell must not be ignored.

Tory Petition about how important Grenfell Tower fire is.
This is unacceptable — add my name

Sign this and help us make sure that residents of high rise social housing can sleep safely with the knowledge that they are being listened to.

Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party

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•Golborne ward, which I represent, is the joint poorest ward in London with Northumberland Park in Haringey, currently the subject of a huge development controversy
•Overcrowding in Golborne is 68%, while the chances of re-housing in K&C are virtually nil
•4,500 children live in poverty, at a cost to the taxpayer of £49m. In Queen’s Gate just 6% live in poverty, while in Golborne ward it is 51%
•Diabetes diagnoses in K&C have doubled, and life expectancy in Golborne decreased by a shocking six years since 2010
•Homeless households in Temporary Accommodation in K&C total 2,354 – incl376 Grenfell-related. This comprises 5,761 people in total, including 857 Grenfell-related. Children in Temporary Accommodation (TA) total 5,140. This includes 303 Grenfell related children, of which 226 are in B&B. Two thirds of TA is outside K&C
•Nearly a quarter of the K&C Housing Benefit bill of £142m goes to private landlords, as rent levels are pushed to the limit. Landlords also receive a ‘management fee’ or ‘incentive’, to encourage them to take homeless households
•Cases of Year 6 child obesity (often linked to poverty) have doubled in seven years, and due to malnutrition we have seen the return of rickets
•Hip fractures in over 65s have doubled since 2010, to 390 in 2016
•Under 75s cancer mortality is up byathird
•There are 1,200 longtermempty homes, and 9,300 second homes; in one street seven out of ten are second or empty homes
•One recent development at 375 Ken High Street sold just 8%to UK registered owners, and 45% failed to reveal any country of residence
•Of the 341 net residential completions in 2015/16, the number of net social rented homes built was just 43

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