Labour Party Logo of Annual Conference 2017

Pre-Labour Conference Briefing


The South East Delegates’ Briefing ahead of the conference was held in Labour’s Victoria HQ. 80 Delegates from 8 counties were able to make it to the briefing – understandably, there were none from the Isle of Wight! – with a further 100 expected at the conference.

This year, attendance is predicted to be the largest ever, with over 1000 expected on the busiest days and hundreds of Fringe events happening across the week. A show of hands indicated that most of those in the room would be attending conference for the first time. To begin the briefing, we were each handed our conference credentials and guide, with four chunky reports waiting on every seat in the room. Bedtime reading for the week now consists of:

  • General Election Report
  • Annual Report
  • Delegates’ Report (CAC for Conference 2017)
  • National Policy Forum Report

We then had a quick introduction section, including a recap on the year. Most notably the number of MPs in the South East doubling from 4 to 8 received well-earned applause from the room. The region organisers gave us an overview of what to expect at the conference, including the key events of the week.


Most helpfully of all, there was a lengthy section on speaking, both in speeches on stage and to any media/press. There was loads of reassurance from the panel that the team is always there to help with anything and to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with what you’re doing!

First up on the events list is our South East Reception on Saturday evening, with both John McDonnell MP and Rosie Duffield MP attending. We’ll also get the chance to speak to shadow ministers at their relevant policy forums, which are exclusive to delegates.


Emily is an Undergraduate (Law LLB) at The Open University. Currently studying the UK Constitution and Human Rights, Emily is particularly interested in how Law and Politics intertwine and influence each other.


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