Map of proposed master plan for Swanley

Proposed Eleven Storey Tower Block

The Conservative Chair of the Planning Committee, Cllr Ray Morris, walked out before the start of   meeting on 6th September. The Town Council were considering the controversial application from developers to build an 11 storey tower block on the car park of Swanley centre.

Earlier a member of the public had asked if each councillor would declare if they had any interest in this development.  The Mayor declined to let councillors answer that direct question.

However, as we stated, before the start of the Planning Meeting, the Conservative Chair, Cllr Ray Morris, walked out. There followed some delay and confusion until it was announced, very quietly, by the Vice Chair of the committee, Cllr Lawrence Ball, the current Mayor, that Cllr Ray Morris had left the meeting because he had a financial interest in the development.

The key question now is why Cllr Ray Morris spoke at the Swanley Town Council public meeting on the plans put by Sevenoaks District Council to develop Swanley Town Centre, without declaring any interests. The meeting took place on Wednesday 16th August, 7.00pm, at the Alexandria Suite, St, Mary’s Road, Swanley BR8 7BU.

Cllr Ray Morris, Chair of the Planning Committee, spoke at that meeting for nearly three minutes without declaring any financial interests before, during or after his speech. This leaves serious questions that must be asked.

Residents of Swanley are determined to stop U&I plans to devastate the Swanley with their plans to build luxury tower blocks, that are well above market value, in the town centre.

Residents are holding a protest on Tuesday 12th September, at 12.00pm in Swanley Town Centre. There will be press there to report on the protest.

One thought on “Proposed Eleven Storey Tower Block

  1. It’s never going to be affordable housing/homing in Swanley. No one will sell properties cheaper than there market value. They think us residents are stupid it appears completely not true. 11 storey block on top of a hill, a total eye sore. Do not forget about the 186 homes that are being built in the old United House land in Goldsel road. This will cause more traffic, places in schools will be taken, work well who knows. It’s not wanted. Why not work with what’s already there ? We are not a big enough town for any more. The questionnaire that was sent out has a very very crafty way about it. Whose side is Sevenoaks council on!

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