Devastating Swanley Town Centre!

U+I  published the following on their website:

In Swanley, an application was submitted in July to extend and enhance Swanley Square shopping centre, one of U+I’s key investment assets, with the aim of revitalising the town centre, improving the retail offer and attracting more investment and leisure spend. This vibrant extension to the shopping centre would include 340 residential units, 46,780 sq. ft. of new commercial and retail, restaurants, shops, new office space and a new car park. The Swanley town centre project is designed by HLM Architects, who have delivered many successful projects with the U+I team.

Link here:

People can now see how extensive the plans are for Swanley. One resident commented:


Ghastly. The very worst of late 20th Century architecture.
Another resident stated:


Terrible. Looks like a concrete concentration camp to me. The Town Council Meeting went against you so you should think again!
U&I is planning luxury flats, above the market rate-excluding the vast majority of people on average incomes. Of course, the housing to rent is producing better returns for the developer than retail. Residents  have all received copies of the SDC consultation on the District Plan and it is important that people respond to the survey. As always there are some bear traps in the plan that will support the U&I proposals. Residents need to be aware about these.


Read about the huge cost in housing across Kent and how Labour would provide housing for the many, not the few by clicking the link below:


4 thoughts on “Devastating Swanley Town Centre!

  1. Terrible. Looks like a concrete concentration camp to me. The Town Council Meeting went against you so you should think again!


  2. One of the U+I representatives at the meeting described the Swanley centre as ‘a concrete jungle’, so why do they want to make it an even bigger jungle ? If you read between the lines of The U+I Planning Viability & Housing Statement, together with their Lichfields report, it soon becomes quite clear that this re-development is nothing to do with improving the shopping centre but everything to do with profit.
    Angry resident Christchurch Ward.


  3. Swanley has lost its way it’s not the same as it use to be you keep knocking things down for houses and flats bring it back the Swanley use to be


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