Labour Stall in Swanley

Swanley & District Labour Party members came out in force today to promote our Labour stall and encourage residents to sign a petition protesting against plans to build tower blocks in the town centre. We would like to thank members of Sevenoaks branch who also came and helped, braving the rain and wind. Several members of the public were interested in joining the Labour and took membership forms and other literature away with them.

We were all very encouraged by the support we received, even by people who do not vote Labour, but were appalled by plans to build tower blocks in the town centre. People were keen to sign our petition protesting against the proposed plans. We were told numerous times: “It is good you are doing this.”

Swanley & District Labour Party Stall in Swanley Town Centre

Residents complained that there were already waiting two weeks or more for a doctor’s appointment. There was also concern that class sizes were already huge, and were faced with increased numbers, without even more high rise flats being built. People were also emphasisng that there is already unbearable traffic congestion, and parking was already a problem.

It was clear to most people that U+I and Sevenoaks District Council had not thought through the consequences of building tower blocks in Swanley centre and was only concerned with making private profit for the few, rather than looking after the well being of the many.

There was also real anger at the way Sevenoaks District Council was leaving the Working Men’s club derelict for over two years. People were appalled at the arrogance and contempt Sevenoaks has for Swanley and its people.

If you would like to get involved in the campaign to take action against plans to build tower blocks, and leave the Working Men’s club and other building derelict and in ruins please email:


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